How to Develop a Habit of Writing

Writing Habit

Maybe, you haven’t written your diary for a couple months so far. Or you stopped on the third chapter of your book and got sad because you couldn’t finish a story. Is it correct to write only when you are inspired? No, unless you want to remain an amateur. Otherwise, you need to learn how to write without inspiration or to look for it in radical ways.

7 Interesting Facts About Finland

Picture of Finland

Finland never could have great amounts of mineral resources or be known for the good climate. The story of this state can’t be called too easy or rich. Nevertheless, this is one of the leading countries of today that has dared claim itself to be the happiest country to live in many times. Our writers present you 7 interesting and amazing facts about Finland. 

How to Write a Research Essay About INTERPOL: Glory vs. Truth

Young Police Officers

Do you remember those good guys in spick-and-span uniforms, arresting the greatest villain of all times and nations in your favorite Hollywood movie? No matter whether the star team of Interpol directly participates in the investigation or one of the heroes just says ‘Interpol is looking for you’, the name of this organization adds some piquancy to the whole story anyway.


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