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We are the company that provides high-quality academic assistance. Our clients are to be satisfied: that is our premier goal. 5 years of experience allow us to say that we know the deal, but we never stop reaching new tops with every paper we complete for you.

95.8% of satisfaction rate can say it all with no comments needed. Nevertheless, we know that things can go wrong with any order. That is why our clients always can start a dispute and request the money back procedure initiation in such cases. Please, see the detailed info about this procedure in the text displayed below.

Once you ask for a dispute about the order, we need to analyze it. The process normally takes our Dispute Managers 7 to 10 days for reviewing and offering the solutions for every particular issue. Keep in mind, that each order is unique with its own specifications and there is the serious need to process them all carefully. So, the procedure speed seriously depends on the availability of contact. Please, keep in touch with managers and together we will deal with the issue much faster. We appreciate your will to cooperate.

There is the list of situations when it is possible to ask for money back issue:

  • You’ve accidentally paid twice for the separate order. If that happens, contact our manager and then your money will be refunded by them after they confirm that info in our payment system. If the issue is confirmed, then you’ll receive your money back at once. The option is available for the case when you accidentally place two similar order requests.
  • We didn’t find the author to complete the order. We always try to give every assignment to the fitting writer. It’s a pity, but sometimes the paper difficulty level, time, estimated deadline or other issues make it impossible to get the expert up to work in time. If this occurs, we write you a message about that instantly, and then perform a total refund with no questions. Additionally, you’ll receive a serious discount possibility for next orders you would like to get from our company.
  • You received the order after the indicated deadline expired. We guarantee on-time delivery. Still, there can happed the situation that we exceed the estimated deadline because of waiting for any additional materials, that are to be sent to us so we could finish the assignment successfully. Keep in mind, that our writers start completing the assignment after they get all the necessary info to do it (additional clarifications, files and all the other attachments are to be included). If you want to avoid time delays with your order, make sure you supply us with all the necessary materials and instructions. We do not issue refunds, if this was the matter of deadline expiration. Providing all the needed info on time is the responsibility of the client. Here is when we offer money back for deadline expiration:
    • If a deadline was put in 3 hours, and you received a paper 15 minutes later, we recount the price as if it was ordered for 8 hours and pay you the calculated difference.
    • If there was a 7-days deadline and some lateness happened there, you can receive the 10% from the total paper cost at most as a refund. Send us the request to issue money back procedure.

Sometimes, the paper difficulty level makes us ask clients to extend the deadline. In that case, you’ll be informed about the situation at once. If you allow us to have more time, there will be no way for you to claim about any delays after that. There is a way to ask for any refund procedure initialization during first 10 days after your paper was delivered to you. Requests send to us after that period are not reviewed.

  • You received the revision late. If that happened, then open a discussion. Be informed, that no more revisions are possible after the dispute starts. Dispute Manager reviews your situation after you specify the request. 15% of overall cost refund can be offered here. Again, every dispute is special, and our Managers review them regarding their uniqueness.
  • Paper quality does not satisfy you. We always do what we can in order to make every customer satisfied with our service. Still, clients claiming about paper quality can be met sometimes. Write a request to our Dispute Managers and describe the reason of your quality claim in details there. We will analyze the case carefully, and send you an affirmative email if you can get any money back. Be advised, that these issues can’t be solved instantly, they usually take us from 7 to 10 days.

See more refund cases:

The file preview of your order was received by you and was not yet approved (ten days have not yet passed since you received it). This is the case when you can ask for unlimited revisions or set up a discussion for the paper. In this case, different percentages of your order price can be issued back, but please, remember that we have to see considerable claims and strong facts as proofs from you in order to prevent any fraud activity with money back service. The paper quality and its instructions will be analyzed by managers, so please, be specific about misunderstandings and inaccuracies made in your orders. More details below.

  • The full refund is not an option when you’ve approved your order received in .doc version. Still, if you do not like the content or have any claims about quality, partial refund dispute is here for you. We can pay back up to 30% of total price depending on particular case specials.
  • You wish to cancel the paper completion. See possible refunds for that case:
    • If there was no writer assigned yet, 100% refund is guaranteed;
    • If there was a writer found already, but no more than half of the time till deadline has passed – 70% refund issue is possible;
    • If the writer was assigned already, and half of the given time has passed – only 30% refund issue is possible;
    • If you wish to cancel the order when the paper was already finished and sent, you can’t expect any refunds.

Among possible reasons to claim your money back is plagiarism. Although we use our own anti-plag software it is still possible that an independent check reveals copied materials (without proper referencing) in the text you ordered. In this case, provide us with viable proof: turnitin or university report results, we will fix that and fine the writer immediately.

We can use turnitin databases to check your paper. We do not upload the text into it so that the next time we check it, it won’t show similarity. That is an additional service that can be applied to your order.

We do not refund costs paid for additional features such as: writer’s sample, editor’s service etc. Anything that you would like to ask about these policies, never give a second thought – ask the Support Team. If you want to connect with the Dispute Department, please get in touch with our customer support service.


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