7 Interesting Facts About Finland

Picture of Finland

Finland never could have great amounts of mineral resources or be known for the good climate. The story of this state can’t be called too easy or rich. Nevertheless, this is one of the leading countries of today that has dared claim itself to be the happiest country to live in many times. Our writers present you 7 interesting and amazing facts about Finland. 

  • — 1 —

    Finland gained independence in December of the year 1917. Previously, the territory of this country was ruled by Sweden and then Russia. During the first few decades of its existence, this young country endured the civil war, three wars against the Soviet Union, and then went to the Second World War.

  • — 2 —

    In Finland, which is often called the country of one thousand lakes, there are nearly 190.000 closed natural ponds. Additionally, there are 179.584 islands on its territory. No other county in the world can say they have the same numbers.

  • — 3 —

    Finland keeps the leading positions in the world in coffee consumption (according to some ratings Finland is on the1st place). Every citizen of this country consumes nearly 12 kilograms of coffee per year. This is just an unbelievable number, given the fact that in such a “coffee” state as Brazil, they drink two times less coffee.

  • — 4 —

    In October 2016, the population of Finland was 5.501 043 people. One of the citizens is Santa Claus. His official address looks like this:

  • Santa Claus
    Santa Claus Main Post Office
    FI-96930 Arctic Circle

    If you haven’t sent him a letter with a gift request yet, you should hurry up.

  • — 5 —

    Nowadays, Finland is carrying out the reform of social security system. It predicts the introduction of the “unconditional income” for every adult citizen. It means a free-of-tax sum that every citizen over 18 could get without any additional conditions. They think, the amount of money one could get would be 800 Euros per month. Instead, the government plans to cancel the complicated and bulky system of social benefits.

  • — 6 —

    In Finland you can drink water right from the tap with no hesitation. 80% of water in Finland is classified as exceptionally pure. A few years ago, the UN Water Resource Committee claimed that tap water of Finland is the cleanest in the world.

  • — 7 —

    In Finland it is not traditional to leave tips for waiters. The service payment is usually included into the overall price, and nobody expects you to leave additional rewards to anyone. Though, if you still decide to leave a tip, they’ll be glad. 

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