2 Sports Goals Worth Your Refusal

When wrongly set, goals can bring you more harmful than useful results. Right ones will help you concentrate on a desired result and reach it with the smallest losses.

Going in for Sports

Concentrating on The Amount of Kilograms You Want to Lose

Goals based only on that you want to lose excess weight often lead to a disappointment. The weight of a person can fluctuate depending on the amount of water they drink or how often they go to a toilet. Additionally, weighting machine can’t distinguish a mass of your fat and the overall mass of your body, do you shouldn’t rely on that number too much.

You can dare towards getting a certain weight, but keep your eyes on a percentage relation between fat and muscle masses. If you go in for sports regularly and eat well, you’ll lose fat and gain muscles at the same time, so weighting machines can’t give you reliable information.

What to Do: Have a Goal to Improve Your Health

Choose such a goal that would allow you improve not only your appearance, but your health as well. For instance, do exercises that can improve your strength, flexibility or endurance. You can combine usual exercises with yoga, try to get prepared to a marathon or just make your daily walk longer.

If you like the way you feel yourself when following such habits, it will be easier for you to go after your goal. You will have a good look and feel yourself better as a result.

Daring to Look as a Top-Model

When watching on unusually beautiful photos (maybe even fake ones) of models, anyone can feel inferior. But that feeling will not motivate you for too long.

Additionally, every person has a different organism. Maybe, your one will not react on training exercises or diets your favorite blogger recommends. When trying to look as Instagram models, you only bound yourself to feel disappointment and guilt.

What to Do: Find a Sport that Brings You Satisfaction

If you get satisfied while going in for sport, you’ll want to continue in future. So try to find such kind of activities that will be interesting to you, or go to a sports club together with your friends so it was more funny for both of you to train.

When you train regularly and feel yourself happy, you naturally improve your physical shape and have a better outer look.

To Conclude

Remember that correct goals are to be:

  • Precise, measurable, realistic and limited with time;
  • Complicated, but completable;
  • Oriented on the nearest future (months, not years);
  • Directed on self-development, not on being better than the others;
  • Should be accompanied by the result estimating.

Even goals that seem to be reachable turn into failures sometimes. There is nothing bad in this fact. The point is not to use the failure as the reason to quit your training.

Sometimes it is even useful to suffer a defeat: this is how you can understand what does not fit you, what strategies do not work. Do not be too strict for yourself. If you couldn’t reach your goal, correct it and then try once more.

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