5 Habits Helping to Keep Your Brain Young

Here is what you should do in order to be full of energy, creative and clearly thinking for long years.

Young Brain

Several generations before, people couldn’t even hope to live till their 50. Fortunately, nowadays most of us can live 20 to 40 years more. Yet with years passing, brain feels it more and more difficult to perform its functions.

Inactive way of life and bad habits harm the whole organism, including your brain. While getting older, you gain a higher risk of Alzheimer disease to appear and progress.

To prevent the important organ from getting old too early and to keep your mind clear, you should follow some useful advices.

1. Eating Habits To Change

Keeping up to a healthy diet can be useful for your brain as well as for your shape and overall feeling. Start from simple changes to your usual behavior. For instance, replace coffee cup in the evening with a cup of green herbal tea. It contains less caffeine and more antioxidants helping you protect cells of your brain from being damaged.

Healthy diet does not mean that you have to eat only cereals and salad on purpose. Scientists found out, that a Mediterranean diet, containing lots of fish and seafood, vegetables, olive oil, fruits, lowers the brain cells’ loss and saves your cognitive abilities.

2. Devote 20 Minutes for Sport Daily

Movement is necessary to support health of your brain. Aerobics increase blood pressure, improves your memory, stimulates brain cells to grow. New neuron connections appear that way.

Sports can influence your brain in the same way small quantity of anti-depressants does. Physical activities help dealing with stress. Go in for aerobics or another kind of sport for 90 minutes a week, or 20 minutes daily. This is needed to be done for your own health.

3. Leave Your Comfort Zone More Often

Your brain is to be young longer if you tense it with different tasks. Despite the popular opinion, human brain is not fully programmed and unchangeable, it can change. If you want, you can get rid of old and unnecessary habits and replace them with ones that are needed.

Learning foreign languages or playing musical instruments can help you keep your brain flexible. It is useful to keep in contact with people of other professional fields. This is how you additionally find out new things.

4. Have a Good Sleep

When you sleep, your lymphatic system gets neurotoxins out of your brain. This process takes time, so you need 7-9 hours a day to sleep.

5. Active Social Life

Social Life


Humans are social creatures. But as they grow old, their social circle narrows, they speak to others rarely. Yet it is critically important for your emotional health. Those rarely speaking to other people get a 70% higher decrease of their cognitive abilities if to compare them with friendly people.

What is interesting is that, lonely people are mostly more attentive and they expect strangers to be dangerous more often. This happens because of their brain is more likely to perceive communicating with strangers as something dangerous and unknown. That can be called a defensive reaction.

You need to spend more of your time with people you love, to go in for hobby and to learn new things during the whole life. Then, even when you get old, your brain will appreciate you through pure mind and good memory.


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