Student Opinion: Little Deeds of a Good Human

The article is written to show ideas of good deeds that do not take a lot of your time. These deeds allow you to help others and to be thankful. Remember, if you are surrounded by cynic and passive people, this is not the reason to become the same one. Look through the following list of actions and find what you can do.

Good Smiling Person

So, what good can you do today?

Good Human Deeds List

  1. Smile more often.
  2. Hold the door for somebody.
  3. Make a thankful postcard for a person who helped you.
  4. Wash your unneeded clothes and give it to someone who needs it.
  5. Help someone aged to do something.
  6. Become a volunteer.
  7. Donate your blood.
  8. Buy presents for your neighbors.
  9. Write thankful letters to people who help you and support you.
  10. Respect other people.
  11. Be patient when talking to difficult and even unpleasant people.
  12. Say your professor, teacher or groupmate they are excellent in their job.
  13. Create a simple thing that can make you and your friends glad.
  14. Sincerely wish happiness to someone.
  15. Ask a person to express their mind or give you a piece of advice.
  16. Bring cookies to the university and treat your mates with them.
  17. Leave tips to waiters if they serviced you good.
  18. Let someone to take a seat instead of you.
  19. Spread only good news and stories.
  20. Keep an eye contact with a collocutor during a conversation.
  21. Share an umbrella when it is a rainy day.
  22. Listen to a person without trying to give them any advice.
  23. Support your friends and relatives in their wishes and goals.
  24. Give someone a small help if it costs nothing for you.
  25. Empathize.
  26. Don’t do anything just in order to receive thanks.
  27. Forgive, let anger and sorrow go.
  28. Laugh upon yourself.
  29. Say “Please” and “Thank you”.
  30. Tell the truth, but remember that you can express it in different words.
  31. Approve other people’s achievements.
  32. Be an optimist and say jokes.
  33. Help the other person to be active and sportive.
  34. Help the others when they’re ill: visit them, buy fruits and medicine.
  35. Keep your promises.

To Conclude

These tips are really that easy, that with time you’ll be able to follow them automatically, without any efforts. And they don’t cost you even a penny. Whatever, just treat people around you well, be kind-hearted, optimistic and thankful.

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