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Everyone knows that reading influences people’s life and overall condition positively. There can doubtfully be found a person that hadn’t ever told to themselves: “I need to read more!” But that crazy rhythm of our lives pulls us off course form time to time. And even such a simple activity as regular reading can be a difficult task. I know that feeling on my own: when there is a mood to read tons of books, but absolutely no possibility to read even a couple pages during the day. I’ve started reading five books simultaneously during last two months. Can you guess which one I’ve finished first? Right, zero!

Good news: this can be fixed. You just need to follow the right direction. So, here are five simple ways to read more. 

Set Up a Precise Goal for Book Reading

How many books do you want to read? How fast do you want to read them? Precise numbers will help you track your progress and celebrate your little victories. There are social media for book lovers, where people share their favorite books, write opinions and reviews on them, etc. Such websites are not only perfect for making your sightseeing wider, but for setting up challenges for yourself as well.

Find the Undisputed Reading Time

Choose a determined period of time in your schedule that will be devoted only to reading. Let it be 15 minutes or 15 pages, it does not matter. Mark it in your calendar, and treat it as seriously as you do for sleeping and eating. Consider the day period you choose: difficult and complicated material is better for understanding early in the morning, when your mind is absolutely clear.

Choose a Place

Try to organize a small corner that will be isolated from outside irritators. A comfortable chair (not a soft one – you risk to nap there), suitable lighting and a little table. And do not put the book too far away during breaks. Let it lay on the open place as a reminder.

Choose Your Comfortable Format

Debates about “Electronic books” vs “Paper books” are going to last for long. You should take some facts into account. Electronic books are instant, portable and light. You can store multiple books on one device. Fonts and texts can be adjusted for a particular user: this is especially useful for those who feel it difficult to read small fonts. But the charger is not always near.

Here come paper books that do not need to be charged. They are pleasant to touch, they are easy to be shared, and they let your eyes rest. But their main advantage comes from a pure sentimentality: there is something special in paper books.

There exists the third category of books: audiobooks. Not everyone had the opportunity to get used to them, but you should not underestimate them. It is very comfortable to listen to them while being on the road. Just change your favorite songs to useful info sometimes.

There is no way to determine the best format. That is personal. Just choose what you like the most.

Visit a Library

Reading Library

You have probably been there for the last time when you were a pupil, and the teacher asked you to go to the library. Keep in mind, that modern libraries are not those dusty shelves you could remember. They became modern and comfortable. It is much easier to fall into a reading flow while being surrounded by hundreds of bookshelves.

Hope these five simple ways will help you read as many books as you want, and to enjoy them.

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