How to Organize Your Life in Ten Steps

Organized Life

Do not forget that an organized person is more conscious as well. They see and notice everything that happens around them. They live their full life. That is why, if you feel something has broken into your normal existence, pay attention to these ten steps and prepare to work a little.

1. Set Up Priorities

First, you need to believe in the fact that you are able to bring order into your life. Answer these two questions:

  • What spheres are the most disorganized?
  • What spheres cause the strongest stress and do not allow you to complete certain tasks?

2. Get Your First Victory

Organized people have one behavioral feature in common. For instance, they start their morning from the same activities every day, and it doesn’t matter if they need to go to the office or they can stay at home. Many successful people say that the first action they do after waking up in the morning is making their bed. This is how they start their day from a little achievement that pushes them forward.

3. Write down Everything

You live in the age when a pen and paper got morally old, but this is a great way to remind yourself about the importance of making handwritten notes. Write down everything you need to do in order to bring harmony into your thoughts and cross the tasks out of your list as you complete them.

Remember that “to-do-lists” in your mind are useless. The point is that they should always be before your eyes.

4. Master a Calendar

There are few people who use calendars because it seems to be boring. But those who mastered it became much more productive and organized. They make notes in their calendars and review their writings regularly while planning the next months of their lives. Do not rely on your memory when it is about calling someone important or meeting someone in two weeks.     

5. Be an Anti-Procrastinator

Delaying tasks is a very strong source of stress and disorganization. The more you wait before doing something, the more difficult it is to complete that task. Moreover, you are going to do it much worse than you could because of time pressure.

If you need to complete a task during a month, do it before the next week. You’ll feel absolute freedom and pride because of a job done in advance.

6. Turn Your House into a Productive Place

Some people love sticky notes and images. They put them everywhere around their house. It can seem stupid, but in reality those are very organized people. Name everything in your life and put it on its place. If you have a big house, you lessen the chance to lose anything. If everything has its place, you become very organized and productive because your brain starts to work faster as well.

7. Clean Your House Regularly

You’ve probably heard how positive for your thoughts the effect of cleaning can be. That is true. The most important thing here is not just to clean, but to do that regularly. It is not obligatory to wait for Saturday and then to clean your table or wash the dishes.

Additionally, you can get rid of things you don’t really need. There is a thought that an average human can throw away 30% of their things and not to lose anything important after that.

8. Bring Things back Where They Should Be

Now, when each thing has its place, make sure you always bring them back to it. You shouldn’t take a flashlight from a wardrobe and then leave it on the table. You won’t even notice how junk gets back everywhere. It is important because you won’t notice how the growing chaos influences you.

9. Divide Job

The main advantage of an organized person is the ability to feel really free of stress and pressure. There will be even less of these feelings in your life if you learn to delegate tasks. If you can deal with your responsibilities on your own and breathe easily after that, then there are no problems. If you feel the lack of air, then ask someone to do a part of your tasks.

10. Stop Trying to Be Perfect

No Perfectionism

Organized people seem to be perfectionists, but this is a delusion. This is an illusion that appears because they always have space and time to do important things. If you feel you have to do everything perfectly, you won’t do a thing. Do only important things well, the rest depends on circumstances. 

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