Is It Possible to Learn Anything in a Short Time Period?


Imagine this: you can become an early riser, learn any foreign language and read five times more books than you could read before you began to engage in self-development. At first sight, it is impossible. In fact, you should not do anything extraordinary or difficult. You just have to remember, that nothing is impossible and read these tips, which will help you reaching this goal.

You Should Not Go Off the Deep End

Progress is achieved by small victories and a developed strategy. Your strategy has to focus on the repetition of a specific action every day. For example, reading one page before the bedtime. At first you can read only one page before going to bed. It is possible to start from this. You can read more, but if you manage to read one, it is already considered as an achievement.

Then you should try to read for fifteen minutes every evening. In the end, you will read for half an hour before going to bed and another half hour in the morning. In other words, quantity is in the first place, and then quality.

You can do the same thing, if you want to master a foreign language. You should try to pass at least one lesson every morning. It takes just a few tens of minutes, but sometime later you will be able to study longer and you will get the great result.

You Should Focus on One Thing

Only when you develop a skill to do something automatically, you can start with something new. For example, only if you get used to reading before going to bed, you can begin to master another language. When performing tasks in a foreign language becomes easy, you can focus on how to get up early. Sometimes it takes too much time to achieve a skill. You should not doubt, because it has been proved that you need on average 66 days to get a new skill.

Put Everything in Its Order

This tip will save a lot of time for you. For example, during morning coffee, you can take a mobile phone and download an app, if it helps you to learn a completely new language. It will become a lot easier to organize yourself to read one page before going to bed, when your book is lying on the bedside table.

Reading a Book

You Can Accumulate Habits

Let new habits be added to the existing ones. If you perform any action without thinking, it can become a trigger mechanism and encourage you to take up something new. For example, when you read before going to sleep in this way, so when you get into your bed, you will activate the trigger, and you will think you need to read.

So, the acquisition of new habits will become a kind of hobby for you. You will be inspired by the thought of how much more you can learn, moving in small steps.

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