To Be or Not to Be the Writer?


Mysterious eyes, a scarf, a corner table in a cafe… You sit there and tap the keyboard quickly to catch your flow of a fantasy, while slowly drinking tasty coffee or whiskey (it depends on your luck). Sometimes you can work in your cabinet (maybe it has English style, too).

Writer’s Thoughts

You are the writer. Well, the future one, because nowadays you are a student. You are young and talented. You try getting a professional education, though not a philological one, as real writers don’t need to study at all. You are one of those original, extraordinary and interesting persons who say they want to become a master of the word (though they do that not originally at all). Still, you are not somehow different from me.

What do I mean? I mean, that today young people dream about becoming writers almost as often as they used to become designers, actresses and singers at once when they were 13.

So, what’s up? 17, 19, 21 – this is the time when it seems that you need to choose your way, to see yourself in your 25, 35, 40, and not to dream about one day when somebody reads your outstanding plot that is bound to become a bestseller some time after.

How can you not dream?! Of course, you need to dream, but not only to dream while lying on a sofa.

If you have ideas, write them down. If you feel words to be unnecessary: cross them out. If you want to make it look real: say no to artificial emotions. Write about something you know, but never expect glory to come. Write just because, write because you can’t make it another way, because you don’t want to, because you won’t. Then you will not be able to run away from yourself. Then you, the brave student, will have to connect your life with literature, because it flows from the inside, and there is nothing you can do about that.  

Writer’s Fate

All in all, I think you shouldn’t ever plan to be a writer. You either write or don’t write. This is something like love. You can’t make yourself create.There is no button to switch your inspiration on. You need to be the generator of ideas by yourself, to find new impressions, emotions, moments that will become wonderful dancing words on a paper.

And the idea to study another profession seems to be good, as for me. Put jokes away: today, even the most talented masters of words are not always able to earn good money (there are lots of writers, too). So, the first thing for the writer to do is to find another source of income.

But this text is written not to scare you. It is rather about the opposite: to make sure about your real wishes. Another profession has many pluses: the possibility to know a certain field well, to get experience, and to promote yourself outside the literature circle. Sometimes, it seems to me that writers have to know everything or to be able to make such an impression about themselves.

Finally… What’s the deal? Where is a conclusion coming from these six hundred of printed words? There won’t be something like that. This is not a motivational letter saying “Hey, let’s become writers!” This is only a try on the long way. Where should you go?

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