Wu Wei: Philosophy of Doing Nothing

The Chinese wu wei philosophy is otherwise called the art of effort without efforts or philosophy of not-doing-a-thing. It allows you to overcome any tough life situation, and to take a new look onto this world.

  • 1. No Action is not Equal to Laziness

    No Efforts

    Chinese philosophers thought the principle of “not-doing-a-thing” to be the natural way of life, contrary to the active purchasing one’s dreams or forcing the events to happen.

    Still, one should not think wu wei to be the philosophy of lazy-bones. It is not an excuse for you sitting still and criticizing others. According to this way, a person should not waste their energy in vain, but act only when the required time comes.

  • 2. The World in Not Your Enemy

    To live according to wu wei principles, you need to understand your connection to everything in this world. Though you need to have visible limits, just like children who run and play in the park, you need to stay open and not to be afraid to show your weaknesses. Then you’ll be able to watch the nature and feel the Universal energy in it, and later to act according to it.

    Understanding of the fact you don’t have to be rival with the World gives you a sense of freedom.

  • 3. A Worrying Mind is to be Calmed

    Even if you don’t take any actions, your mind goes on worrying. You need to calm not only your body, but your mind as well. Otherwise, there is no chance for you to understand if you use your energy correctly, or you just follow your ego.

    You have to spectate and to learn listening to your own mind, and to the voices around you.

  • 4. Changes Will Happen, Accept This

    Everything goes on changing. These changes are regulated by laws no one can change or even understand. That is why it is useless to fight against changes. This is like trying to stop seasons from changing each other, or to stop the Sun moving in the sky. By accepting those changes you’ll be able to treat both them and yourself simpler.

    Everyone changes obligatory. Try to stop standing against that and to see positive sides of a change.

  • 5. Pointless Moving

    Move Without Goal

    In modern world, a person having no goal is thought to be unable to live. But the life in this world can doubtfully be called balanced.

    Chinese philosophers offered the way of life they called “the pointless moving”. To explain their vision, they described the analogy with the activity of a smith or an artist. A talented smith or a skilled player don’t have to think out a sequence of their actions. Their skill became a part of their personality, they act instinctively, spontaneously, without thinking about reasons. This was the state of mind philosophers tried to reach with wu wei.

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