18 ways to Concentrate on Studying

Staying Concentrated

There are many factors that break the studying process constantly. How to get rid of distractors and to start acting more effectively?

Concentration Tips

  1. Compose a list of tasks to do during the current day. Nothing helps to concentrate on the task better than something that reminds you about it on purpose.
  2. Determine time when others can disturb you. Relatives, friends and other people will respect your time much more.
  3. Divide your work day into blocks: study for 30 minutes, then start doing another task or get the next 30 minutes busy. This will let you value your time and not to get bored while studying.
  4. Set up email filters or even turn off your mailbox app, so it should not distract you.
  5. Do not check mails in the morning. You better start studying at once, and then let yourself have a rest after you complete some tasks or read some chapters.
  6. If you don’t want to be disturbed, set up the appropriate status in your messenger in order to not to be distracted by message rings.
  7. Listen to your music. This helps to dive into studying and protects you from the environmental noise which is everywhere.
  8. Use earplugs or headphones. Many people find it more comfortable to study new material in silence.
  9. Fill a bottle with water. It is not obligatory to go to the kitchen every time you want to drink.
  10. Find time when you feel it most effective to deal with routine tasks.
  11. Eat in your room in order to avoid meeting with neighbors or relatives if the task is really urgent.
  12. Do not spend hours talking to the phone on private topics. Divide studying and private life.
  13. Do not leave junk on your desktop. If you can’t find something on it, it is time to sweep things out and to put only necessary things there. The rest is to be thrown away at once.
  14. Buy a good chair. If you sit before a PC for a long time, it can be your best purchase: it is much simpler to work in comfortable conditions. It is hard to concentrate if you feel some pain in your back.
  15. Use shortcuts and bookmarks. Try automatizing all the repeatable actions.
  16. Close programs you don’t use. Numerous open windows seriously decrease PC performance and make you get distracted on them.
  17. Limit time for looking through new websites and reading blogs. It is interesting and curious, but you don’t have to stay aware all the time.
  18. Change your attitude towards studying. Turn it into an interesting game, accept the challenge and get satisfied with the process.      

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