Top Excuses for Not Going in for Sports

People find hundreds of reasons in order to skip going in for sports. Those are just excuses you need to forget about.

  • 1. “I’ve Got no Time!”

    Time Sports Excuse

    Try to plan trainings in advance and to spend less time doing other things during those days. If you don’t devote time to train today, you’ll have to devote it to cure illnesses and injuries in future. This makes everything you already do senseless.

    If you’ve got tough schedule, try short intensive training sessions. But be very careful during exercises, so you couldn’t get injured.

  • 2. “I’ve Got Children!”

    There are many ways to go in for sports together with your children. This is not just useful for their health, but can help you and them become closer. You can build an obstacle course of your own or to run together. These trainings are not obligatory to be strictly scheduled, the point is for them to be regular.

  • 3. “I Hate Sports”

    You probably haven’t found sport that suits you yet. Try to change physical load type.

    Still, there are people who just don’t like exercising, and no changes help them. If you are one of those, try making a process more pleasant. Combine exercising with watching your favorite TV-series or listening to your favorite music.

  • 4. “I feel Pain Everywhere”

    It can seem strange, but the best way to get rid of painful feelings is to go to the gym again, not to rest for a bit more. Of course, you shouldn’t lift heavy barbells at once. Go in for walking or yoga on that day.

  • 5. “I’m Tired Already”

    Tiredness Sports Excuse

    Yes, you don’t want to even think about training after having a tough day. But physical activity is what will get you rid of tiredness much better than sitting before a TV-set. The point is to start slowly. If you haven’t exercises for a long time, do not try to fill the gap at once.

  • 6. “I Don’t Have Gym Clubcard”

    Gym is a pretty expensive pleasure. Yet it is not obligatory to buy a clubcard in order to go in for sport. You can run anywhere outside, and exercise at home. There are numerous video-lessons in the Internet nowadays.

  • 7. “I feel Discomfort When Exercising with Someone Else”

    When you just start going in for sports or you attend the gym irregularly, it can be difficult for you because of others who exercise better than you. You probably can even start thinking that everyone judges you there.

    Try to start with special classes for newbies. Everyone will have the same level there, so you won’t feel yourself falling behind the others.

  • 8. “I don’t Know What to Start With”

    There is so much information about different kinds of sports available today, that people often get lost and don’t know where to start. As a result, they start thinking they do everything wrong. Yet it is not that important what you start with. The point is to move.

    Install any app that offers exercising complexes and start doing them You’ll find what fits exactly you with time. 

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