Shall “Of Mice and Men” be taught at school?

The first thing you should understand, if you got such a topic for your assignment, is the type of writing required. As your topic is formulated in form of a problematic question, and there can be different answers on it, you are facing an argumentative essay writing assignment. Thus, your task will be to take a certain side and support it to convince that you are right.

Mice and Men

Reasons, Why “Of Mice and Men” Should Be Banned

The novella is not the motivating one for sure. However, this is not the only reason, why it is suggested to be taken off from the school literature classes program.

  1. Language

    The language of the novella is vulgar and this is definitely not the way students should talk. Therefore, having read the novella, school students will learn some bad words and expressions, what is definitely not good.

  2. Violence

    The book has a lot of scenes of violence. The killing of people and cruelty is almost normal thing within the plot, so school students should better avoid reading about such events.

  3. Disrespect to People with Limited Mental Abilities

    A disabled person is shown as a potentially dangerous one, what contributes to the social issues dealing with mistreating of this category of people. Although a mentally disabled person is a metaphor, school students are not able to interpret it well and they are more prone to taking things literally.

Reasons, Why “Of Mice and Men” Should Be Taught at School

The novella “Of Mice and Men” is the part of literary process in America, so it cannot be avoided while studying. It may have some problematic moments and events, but still this is the author`s view on life and students should understand that they are the part of individual style characteristics as well as characteristics of literary genre.

  1. It Is Well-Written and Has a Literary Value

    It is hard to disprove the fact, that the novella is well-written. A well-written literary work is not to be optimistic and written in a perfect language. It should have the harmony of literary techniques, clear and well-depicted characters, a dynamic plot etc. All this can be taught on example of the given novella.

  2. It Develops Critical Thinking and Analyzing Skill

    This text is not for easy reading. It has a lot of symbols and metaphors to think over, as well as allusion to poetry of Robert Burns. Thus, having read the novella, students can understand the writer`s concepts and approach to understanding the life, a dream, a guilt and a sympathy.

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