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Students always care about the price. This is normal, because every grown-up person, who needs to support his living, pays attention to the value for money. That is why EssayHelp.Me team has developed the best prices for the homework help online. Order without losses!

The Price Calculation

The important thing you should know about our online homework help service is that our prices are fixed. This has been done for your convenience, since you do not need to wait long for the price for homework help evaluation. To get the price quote you should provide us with the following details:

  1. Academic Level

    There is a difference between the college homework help and the homework help required for university. Obviously, the more complex is the assignment, the more time and efforts will be spent on its completion. That is why your selection of academic level will influence the price total for your homework help online. The cheapest price will be for High School and the highest one for Doctoral academic level.

  2. Deadline

    The shorter time you have for the homework assignment completion – the higher will be your order price. Thus, the highest quote will be for 4 hours deadline, since your writer needs to hurry up but still take care about the high quality of the order completion. In some specific situations customers may come asking “do my homework within an hour or two”. In such cases the double payment will be requested or even more, since the completion of homework help online within such a short time is quite challenging.

  3. Number of Pages

    The number of pages also influences the time spent on assistance by your homework helper. Therefore, we offer the certain prices per page. The more pages you need, the higher will be the price. Nevertheless, the title page and the reference page/pages come for free with our homework service online.

  4. Type of Service

    We have different academic writing services. Basically, there are services for writing and services for correction. The services, which require your homework helper to complete an assignment from the very beginning will cost you more than the services, according to which your writer needs to correct your draft.

Academic Success

Some Extra Optional Factors, Which Influence the Order Total

There are some extra possibilities, due to which the price will be modified.

  1. Extra Features

    Those, who want to be maximally assured in quality of homework help performance, can pay extra for some additional features. Under the extra features you can ask the plagiarism report for your college homework help, you can request the specific category of writer, pay for the summary of your paper etc. Each extra feature has its fixed price or the certain amount in percent that needs to be paid extra.

  2. Discounts

    Our company always has some good offers for the cheap and qualitative homework help online seekers. Therefore, if you want to save your money and get the best possible price offer, simply contact our support team and ask for the highest discount you can get. There are discounts for new and regular customers, due to the low academic season or due to holiday time. The more orders you place with us, the higher discount you are able to get.

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